Patagonia Capilene

I picked this one up today in a local thrift shop.

Hands down, this is the oldest Patagonia Capilene that I have come across in a thrift shop. Old school, Made in the USA, from back when Patagonia really was the king of the outdoors clothing industry.

The Wallace Beery styles from the olden days are still my favored shirt pattern for long underwear tops. I also have an expedition weight one from a few years later. I started getting into this stuff in the mid-1990s, and by then, Patagonia was only making this style in the Expedition Weight (now called Capilene 4).

Style #44251 -Midweight Capilene Wallace Beery -Navy Blue color -Men’s Medium

Catalog photos are from the Spring 1988 catalog

















Outdoorsy Stuff

There are certain brands I look for when it comes to finding clothing that will withstand the rigors of hiking, climbing and travel. The ones that I look for have a history with me, a history of being tough and built to last. And sometimes I find them at ridiculous deals at thrift shops.

In the last two days I’ve spent perhaps three hours in thrift stores, and I’ve found some darn good stuff. In this post, I’ll focus on the outdoors related items.

The first one I’ll mention is a Cloudveil quarter-zip
fleece sweater. It’s currently hanging on my shower curtain rod drying after being run through the washer. Cloudveil makes some outstanding gear, at “outstanding” prices, if you catch my drift. Retail price on this sweater is about $150. My price? $2.50 (half-off sale at Savers)… Yes, please!

Next up is the shirt I’m currently wearing. It’s an older Patagonia Expedition Weight Capilene long underwear. Back in the mid-90s, these things were the bee knees when it came to expedition quality undergarments. The current version (Capilene 4) sells for $99. My price was $3 (again, 50% off sale).

When it comes to expedition outerwear, there aren’t many companies that do it better than The North Face, with mass appeal. I found a pair of Hyvent (a brand of Waterproof-Breathable fabric) Full-Zip Bib Pants for $6 (half off, yet again). These babies retailed for roughly $200.

And, saving the best for last, two tops by Mountain Hardwear. The fleece jacket I found is old enough that it was made in the USA. But these technical fleece jackets from Mountain Hardwear are among the best out there. The vest is a Gore Windstopper fabric. Both are heading for Ebay auctions since they’re not my size. But retail price is a combined ~$270 for which I paid $18!

The near miss of the last two days was finding a pair of La Sportiva Mountaineering Boots in my size yesterday only to discover a huge hole through the upper (above the heel). That would have been $3 well-spent if they hadn’t been damaged! Those things retail for $300+!! And I need a pair!

I hope I haven’t given away too many trade secrets here. Those who read my blog will surely appreciate the knowledge of decent outdoors gear. I certainly appreciate the warmth of this Patagonia shirt on this cool northern California day!

I almost forgot to add the other one from yesterday. I pulled a Pendleton Sir Pendleton shirt off the rack of stuff to put out. It’s an XL, but should net a few bucks on Ebay. I paid $6, retail is $125. I should be able to get $40 for it.

I should also mention that these are by no means my craziest finds these last two days. The three best dress shirts I found have a combined retail value of something like $800 (Hickey Freeman, Etro Milano and Burberry London). We’ll see how those do on the Bay…

Interesting Things I’ve Learned

Today, I learned a couple of interesting things… The first lesson that I learned is that it is entirely possible to drive 50 miles to join a group bike ride only to find out that the bike that was functioning perfectly two days ago now will not shift. Point taken… I had some time to kill, and I was 50 miles from home. I used the Yelp app on my phone to find the nearest thrifts. There were two Goodwills, one Salvation Army and another “independent thrift” within easy range.

I went to the nearer Goodwill first because it opened sooner. I found a few of nice aloha shirts (a Paradise Found World War I Warplanes Aloha shirt (NWT), a Patagonia “geometric fish” camp shirt, and a Kahala aloha shirt (a new brand to me, but quite well-made).

I’ve put up the Patagonia and Paradise Found shirts (along with another Paradise Found shirt that I found yesterday) up on Ebay. I think they will all sell for a decent price, but we’ll see.

After striking out at the Salvation Army store, I took a 17 mile drive to the next town south to hit the other Goodwill. This Goodwill is so far off my beaten path that I held little hope for it. But it turned out to be the hit of the day! This place is so far outside my normal that when they did the announcement about “keeping your kids under control”, they did it in Spanish before doing it in English.

Anyway, I found a nice Tori Richard aloha shirt, which you might recall from posts earlier this year is my favorite brand from Hawaii. My size too! That makes two keeper aloha shirts on the day. But the real find came in the coats section…





Given all the research I’ve done on the good, the great and the awesome brands of men’s fashion, it was no surprise when one of the sport coats stood out. The build quality was obviously a notch ahead of anything else I’ve seen. The subtle plaid pattern of browns and blues in a soft tweed-like fabric stood out as well. I looked at the label and thought I was dreaming for a second. Hickey-Freeman is one of the best-regarded American clothiers for men. Their sportcoats start in the $900 range at retail. This one turned out to be one of the lower end ones, but it’s still quite nice. The best part? You guessed it… It’s my size, and it’s in immaculate condition. Not bad for $10, eh?




I also found a couple of interesting sweaters and other things yesterday which I need to bring in from my car and take pictures of. There was a nice long-sleeve running shirt from Salomon, a nice pair of Worn Jeans (super comfy brand I’d never heard of before!), a pair of waterproof hiking pants from The North Face, and a nice sweater from a local boutique (one of those places where prices start in the $200 range). Some will be destined for Ebay and some for my closet.

Here’s my Aloha Friday contribution for yesterday… Paradise Found Aloha Shirt (thrifted), Nat Nast jeans (thrifted), Chaco slippers (clearance rack find) and Hawaiian hook necklace (purchased from a vendor at the Kailua-Kona, HI farmers market less than two weeks ago).

aloha Friday image

Patagonia And Buttons

My run of luck finding Patagonia stuff continued today… I checked out Thrift Town in Fremont for their 1/2 off clothing sale. I found a Patagonia Quilt Again Jacket. It’s an awesome fleece/wool/nylon blend. Super stylish too… Retail price is $120, I paid $3. I’ll post a picture when I can. I might have to sell some of the Patagonia fleece I have now that I have 5 mid-weight fleeces! This wool blend one’s not going anywhere… I love it, in fact I’m wearing it as I type this.

Patagonia Quilt Again

I also picked up a shirt with buttons similar to the ones missing on one of my shirts. Hopefully it’s a match or I wasted $2 on that shirt! If they do match, taking the buttons off that shirt will be a heckuva lot cheaper than buying buttons online to better match the missing ones!

UPDATE: the buttons are a perfect match except for having a different company’s name on them. Score! Think anyone will notice? I doubt it…

I’ll post a picture of that when I can as well!

The Best $30 Purchase?

So, I visited my local Savers yesterday and picked up this mint-condition Lauren Ralph Lauren trench coat in worsted wool, faux fur and shearling for $30 (marked $39.99, but I had a 30% off deal because my punch card was full!). I have no idea (I’ve been searching the internet all evening) when it’s from or what it might be worth. Any ideas? I found some similar ones from Ralph Lauren’s upper lines going for well over $1500, but they had leather outer shells. I assume that would make them more expensive…

Let me know if you know what this trench coat is all about! And if you think I’ve over-priced it, tell me why…

In the same visit, I found a Patagonia fleece jacket just like the one I bought at the Patagonia Outlet clearance sale a few weeks ago. Except that this one is a large (fits just like my new medium!) and is made in the USA instead of Columbia! I don’t know when they stopped making their fleece in the US, but it’s been a few years. The other clue is the purple nylon trim inside the jacket. I recall them having that when I worked at REI back in the mid 90s, but my 2001 model fleece doesn’t have it! But for $6, it will make a nice jacket for roughhousing outside…

It was a fleece day. I also found a vintage Sierra Designs fleece jacket in my size. It was only $5 (apparently, Savers doesn’t know that Sierra Designs was almost as good as Patagonia!). This one is a 3/4 zip with an extended “poweder skirt” (that will make sense to the outdoorsy people out there). I’m debating posting this one up on Ebay, as it is in better condition than the Patagonia jacket. It would likely fetch at least $30. We’ll see how the Ralph Lauren coat does in the next few days.