Better Flips


  • Orvis Patchwork Tartan Hunting Vest -$60 (paid $4)
  • Sierra Designs Down Jacket (current model) -$150 (paid $50)
  • Arc’teryx Gamma AR Jacket -$44 (paid $7)
  • Charvet Silk Tie -$20 (paid $1)
  • Reyn Spooner UC Berkeley Aloha Shirts (2 different ones) -$45 (paid $12 combined)
  • Patagonia Wool Blend Full-Zip Sweater -$40 (paid $3)
  • Mountain Hardwear Windstopper Fleece Vest -$40 (paid $8)
  • Mountain Hardwear Fleece Jacket -$43 (paid $10)
  • Burberry London Sport Coat -$80 (paid $20)
  • The North Face Denali Hoodie (current model) -$77 (paid $30)
  • NWOT Patagonia R3 HiLoft Jacket (last season’s model) -$77 (paid $37)
  • Ralph Lauren Purple Label Silk Tie w/ Gryphon Print-$51 (paid $1)
  • Tubbs Snowshoes -$40 (paid $10)
  • Vintage Berle Black Watch Tartan slacks (deadstock) -$46 (paid $4)
  • Brooks Brothers Red Silk Tie w/ Karate Squirrels -$30 (paid $2)
  • Reyn Spooner San Francisco Giants Aloha Shirt 2001 -$61 (paid $10)
  • Nike Maillot Jaune (Yellow Jersey) celebrating Lance Armstrong’s 7th Tour de France victory -$40 (paid $5)
  • Velo XS/Apple Computers Bike Jersey – $40 (paid $15 (used a bit, bought on Craigslist years ago)
  • Burberry Brit Polo Shirt – $69 (paid $8)
  • Versace Classic V2 Tie – $34 (paid $2)
  • Dale Of Norway Sweater – $36 (paid $5)
  • 2XU Comp Triathlon Shorts – $37 (paid $4)

4 thoughts on “Better Flips

  1. Left a Burberry of London Tan Trench coat in mint condition in my local savers. It was to small for me. Had no idea what they retail for!! Should have bought it and flipped it. I did find a a real nice herringbone Harris Tweed sport coat that fit so that was a nice find. Now I wanna find some Allen Edmond shoes you lucky bastard!!! LOL Like your blog.

  2. Very nice! I actually shared your blog on the CheckAFlip twitter. I primarily flip menswear and was immediately drawn to the beautiful Pendleton shirt in your header. Very cool and informative blogs.

    You should check out for pricing your items. It’s a new project I am working on with iOS and Android apps coming soon. Keep up the good work! happy flipping.

  3. Hah, thanks!

    I wore that shirt just a couple of days ago. It’s one of the few thrift shop finds that I’ve become attached to enough to not sell. My “better flips” page is seriously out of date. I’ve flipped TONS of stuff this year, and am trying to make it a full-time decent paying gig (so far, so good!).

    I love the idea of your site/app. I actually have a BS Degree in Web Design, but have had absolutely no luck finding work in the field. So I’ve decided to do my own thing and turn it into an empire.

    Are you also behind the Thrifting Forum? I just signed up for that as well.

  4. Cool! Glad to meet someone like minded in flipping.

    Yes, we are running Thrifting Forum and hoping to surge some like into it once the mobile apps are released. Thanks for the signup.

    You should email me at I have some other ideas in the works for thrifting/flipping and maybe we could join forces sometime.

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