Updates and Such…

Many of my readers will know that I’ve been selling on Ebay regularly for some time. The exploding business has seriously drawn away from the time I have to spend updating this blog!

Today, I past the 50% mark of the sales numbers I hit in 2014. We’re only 110 days into this year, and I’m on pace to nearly double my sales from last year, and hopefully my income as well!

I was speaking to a Customer Service rep on the phone yesterday, and he commented that my defect rate is unbelievably low given the volume of sales I process (3 defects on 701 transactions since February 1 -which translates to .43%). The key, as I told him, is that I treat people honestly, with respect, and ship their purchases as quick as possible without going overkill. I specifically state in my listings that I ship daily during the week, and will ship the same day if the order is paid before noon. I tend to go to the Post Office in the early afternoon; so this fits my schedule and keeps people happy.

The other keys of course center around the quality of the goods I’m selling. I tend to obsess over the condition of items before I even take them home. I try to only list things that I would wear if they were my size and style (I don’t pass judgement on what other people might wear). Vintage items are graded a little bit more loosely, but current stuff isn’t worth my time if the condition is subpar.


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