e-Thrifting Awesome #1 (Roy Denim)

This post will mostly be pictures and video. These things sort of speak for themselves… The pictures are mine, I took them earlier today before wearing these jeans for the first time. I acquired them in a trade with a fellow Styleforum member from Brooklyn.

Roy Slaper makes every pair of Roy Denim jeans at his studio in Oakland, CA. The attention to detail on these things is mind boggling. They’re only available for sale at Self Edge (online, or retail stores in San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York and Portland). Retail price is $345, I won’t mention my actual cost on these. It wasn’t massively cheap, but was a great blockbuster trade that you only find on places like Styleforum.

So yeah, these were actually thrifted in an actual shop. Keep your eyes peeled for quality denim!












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