Luxe Menswear, Part Two (Charvet)

In terms of brands I hadn’t heard of before the past couple of years, Charvet looms large in my mind. I’ve come across Charvet ties and shirts in the thrift and discount stores. But the ties certainly are their most lasting contribution to the world of men’s fashions.

I’ve handled a good number of high end silk ties: you name it, I’ve seen it and felt the texture and quality: Tom Ford, Kiton, Hermes, Ermenegildo Zegna, Gucci, Setafano Ricci, Robert Talbott, Brioni, Duchamp, et al. But the Charvet woven silk ties are arguable the finest ties in the world.

I picked up a couple at NMLC today. One of them stands head and shoulders above everything I’ve come across: and I did check out some Tom Ford and Kiton ties while I was in the shop, so yes, this is the best. The heft, the thickness, the feel and the look of this tie speaks volumes as to why some guys can get really into high end fashions. It’s just very nice, and very obviously well made.

You can read more about Charvet at I won’t bore you with too many more words, but I will let the pictures speak for the tie. The retail price on this thing was $235.

Certainly keep your eye out for these, as some can do very well for sale.





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