It’s A Cultural Difference

I occasionally get some flack on Styleforum for not subscribing to the aesthetic of Classic Menswear. The predominant opinion there is that style for men has to come in the form of a suit and tie.

The reason that this ethos doesn’t really appeal to me is a cultural difference from other parts of the country. Even when I was a kid, growing up in Santa Clara Valley (Silicon Valley), suits were a rarity. You might see them on 1/4 of the men at church and roughly the same in the business world.

Once the technology industry become the dominant industry here, suits all but vanished. The hold outs were pretty much the banking industry and the venture capitalists. Once companies like Yahoo and Apple started having really lax dress codes and fun work environments, the suit didn’t stand a chance.

Nowadays, unless you’re going in for a job interview in one of the aforementioned industries, you risk being laughed out of the room for wearing a suit in the workplace.

Being self-employed, I have absolutely no reason to “dress to impress” in the workplace. I value the freedom to rock my own style and not be a slave to the fashion sense of others. I have nothing against other people dressing as they see fit, and expect the same respect from others. It’s not the clothes that make the man.

The Oatmeal
The Oatmeal


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