A Manifesto of Sorts… (Part One)

I made an offhand comment on a message board dedicated to men’s fashion about my style having not changed much since I was in high school (20+ years ago). The responses I got have made me think about what I’m all about when it comes to “style”.

I met up with an old friend from high school recently when I visited New Orleans for an afternoon. He made a comment about not being surprised that I was wearing shorts and sandals, and referred to it as my style.

When I was in school, a group of my friends and I referred to ourselves as ‘The Teva People’ for our propensity for wearing Teva sandals in any weather and as much as possible. I think that the attitude of that “club” has stuck with me into adulthood. Far longer, in fact, than my brand loyalty to Teva has stuck around.

Over the years, I’ve worn lots of pairs of Tevas, Keens, Chacos and Olukai sandals. Yet I’ve never been able to match the the feeling of wearing circa 1992 Teva Universal sandals (you remember, the ones with the crinkly rubber soles that cost $30 at REI back in the day?). I’ve never found a sandal that was so functionally perfect and comfortable as those.

What hasn’t changed for me is that I value comfort, durability and functionality over any other consideration. I couldn’t care less what the latest trends in fashion area. For me, the fashion is the durability; it is the comfort and functionality as well. Design for the sake of design is not an ethos that I wish to live my life as a slave to.

Of course, one of the reasons I love thrifting is that I do occasionally find “new” used Teva sandals in my all-time favorite styles. And man, do I love finding those mid 1990s colorways!!


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