Thrifting Awesome

Every once in a while, I find something so mind-blowingly awesome that I just have to step back and wonder why someone would donate the dang thing in the first place. Today I came across one such thing.

I made a journey up through San Francisco and into Marin County and, as always, stopped at a few thrift stores along the way. On the way north, I stopped at four thrift stores. At the last of those, the one I almost skipped, I found what might be my personal favorite thrift store find ever.

The back story goes like this… I’ve been buying to flip almost exclusively since last summer. But a side project has been finding really cool stuff for my personal wardrobe. One of those aims has been to find the “ultimate” pair of jeans. I’ve come really close a few times. I found a pair of Gustin jeans last fall that were just a little too big; I found a pair of Engineered Garments jeans that I really like but wish were less baggy; and most recently I found a pair of J.Crew selvedge jeans that are very nice, but the denim is a bit heavier than I like.

My aim has been to find high quality denim made in America. What I found is a pair of jeans that were made in the birthplace of jeans. They are made in a factory right there in San Francisco, California; a few short miles from where I found them in a thrift store for a small chunk of change.

I’m a firm believer in the concept of buying quality clothing that doesn’t come from a seasonal line. Fashion should not change season to season, nor should I let someone else tell me what is in style. For me, what is in style is what is functional, what is built to last, and what is built and sold in a way that is supporting the local economy. I like the idea of my jeans being made in San Francisco. I like the idea of the denim for the jeans coming from a factory in North Carolina (that same factory that once produced most of the denim used by Levis before they outsourced production), I like the idea of the rivets and buttons being produced in the USA, I like the idea that the leather patch comes from Oregon, and mostly, I like the idea that the jeans are built to last.

The jeans that I found are a joint venture between Tellason (of San Francisco) and Smith + Butler (of Brooklyn, NY). They’re basically designed as workwear. They’re built for people who appreciate quality workmanship and demand the finest. In short, they’re built for me. I’ve been wanting to try a pair of jeans by Tellason, and now I’ve got my chance. They’re unworn from all appearances. My guess is that someone received them from Tellason’s “crapshoot” promotion and didn’t like the style. When I saw the leather logo patch, my heart skipped a beat. When I saw the size tag, I was stoked. And they were priced at less than the used Levis next to them on the rounder!














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