A Shorts Story

Yesterday I was “popping tags” at one of my favorite haunts… Cruising through the bland and boring swim shorts, mostly looking for cycling shorts (I also found two unworn pairs of Sugoi cycling shorts, but that’s another blog post!).

A pair of swim trunks with a camouflage pattern caught my eye. It wasn’t so much the pattern, but the fact that it had metal buckles on the sides. The fabric felt to be of a very good quality, so I checked the label. They were made in England, amd the brand name Orlebar Brown vaguely rang a bell. I think an online friend found a pair a while back.

I quickly pulled out my phone and googled the brand and the model name (conveniently on a tag inside the shorts!). My jaw almost hit the dusty floor! These shorts retailed for £240 ($381 dollars at the current exchange rate) when they came out in 2012. This pair is in perfect condition too! Thank you thrift gods!

Of course, the fact that they are my size is nice… But I have no intention of keeping them. These have the potential to be the single best flip of my career so far! Definitely be on the lookout for this brand!








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