Outdoorsy Stuff

There are certain brands I look for when it comes to finding clothing that will withstand the rigors of hiking, climbing and travel. The ones that I look for have a history with me, a history of being tough and built to last. And sometimes I find them at ridiculous deals at thrift shops.

In the last two days I’ve spent perhaps three hours in thrift stores, and I’ve found some darn good stuff. In this post, I’ll focus on the outdoors related items.

The first one I’ll mention is a Cloudveil quarter-zip
fleece sweater. It’s currently hanging on my shower curtain rod drying after being run through the washer. Cloudveil makes some outstanding gear, at “outstanding” prices, if you catch my drift. Retail price on this sweater is about $150. My price? $2.50 (half-off sale at Savers)… Yes, please!

Next up is the shirt I’m currently wearing. It’s an older Patagonia Expedition Weight Capilene long underwear. Back in the mid-90s, these things were the bee knees when it came to expedition quality undergarments. The current version (Capilene 4) sells for $99. My price was $3 (again, 50% off sale).

When it comes to expedition outerwear, there aren’t many companies that do it better than The North Face, with mass appeal. I found a pair of Hyvent (a brand of Waterproof-Breathable fabric) Full-Zip Bib Pants for $6 (half off, yet again). These babies retailed for roughly $200.

And, saving the best for last, two tops by Mountain Hardwear. The fleece jacket I found is old enough that it was made in the USA. But these technical fleece jackets from Mountain Hardwear are among the best out there. The vest is a Gore Windstopper fabric. Both are heading for Ebay auctions since they’re not my size. But retail price is a combined ~$270 for which I paid $18!

The near miss of the last two days was finding a pair of La Sportiva Mountaineering Boots in my size yesterday only to discover a huge hole through the upper (above the heel). That would have been $3 well-spent if they hadn’t been damaged! Those things retail for $300+!! And I need a pair!

I hope I haven’t given away too many trade secrets here. Those who read my blog will surely appreciate the knowledge of decent outdoors gear. I certainly appreciate the warmth of this Patagonia shirt on this cool northern California day!

I almost forgot to add the other one from yesterday. I pulled a Pendleton Sir Pendleton shirt off the rack of stuff to put out. It’s an XL, but should net a few bucks on Ebay. I paid $6, retail is $125. I should be able to get $40 for it.

I should also mention that these are by no means my craziest finds these last two days. The three best dress shirts I found have a combined retail value of something like $800 (Hickey Freeman, Etro Milano and Burberry London). We’ll see how those do on the Bay…


3 thoughts on “Outdoorsy Stuff

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  2. The Mountain Hardwear stuff went for a combined $83 + shipping. Not bad for an $18 investment… And the North Face bib pants went for $40 +shipping. Decent profits are abounding lately… I turned some of my Ebay profits into the mountaineering tent that I’ve been wanting for years thanks to Ebay.

    More to come soon.

  3. Oh, and apparently selling dress shirts by auction doesn’t work well… I barely broke even on those. Perhaps I’ll stick to BIN pricing for those in the future. Usually I can get $25-$35 depending on the brand.

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