Thrifting Belts

One item that I’ve always had a hard time finding in thrift shops has been belts. It’s not that there aren’t a ton out there, it’s just that finding them in decent shape and in my size is tough. But somehow, the tide of my luck has changed.

Recently, I have found two belts in reasonably good wearable condition. There’s always a small story to go with each. So here goes.

The first of the two was an Allen Edmonds basic wide belt in a medium brown. It’s a great belt, which retails for $88. It’s my size, and with a bit of leather conditioner, it’s in almost new (think of the condition of your belts after 3-4 wearings) condition.

I was pretty happy with that find, at my favorite local GW location. The story of it is that it was sitting behind a Dickies belt in the case. It was priced the same as the Dickies belt, which retails for $12 at Walmart. Go figure… Yeah, I’ll take the AE over the Dickies belt any day of the week at the same price point!

The other belt, I found at a place that I haven’t had a whole lot of luck with. But I was in the area, and stopped by. I was looking through the belts at the same time as an older German lady. She was looking for a belt for her husband, and we started chatting. I mentioned what I was looking for size-wise (same size as her husband). She said that she had seen a good belt a minute prior that wasn’t quite in decent enough shape for her husband. Apparently, he’s either picky or she doesn’t know how to clean the tarnish off of brass. She handed me the belt, a black Coach belt in my size that just needed a little TLC. It’s not perfect, but what is? It may not be “good enough” to wear with a tux, but for anything else? You bet… I’ll take that $120 belt for $4!

I really wish I’d taken a before picture of the Coach belt! Looking at the two belts, can you tell why they were donated? It took me a minute, but I can’t imagine too many reasons why someone would donate $100 belts that still have plenty of life.



If you didn’t catch it, here’s the answer: the owners of the belts both gained weight. The wear pattern moved from the third hole (this is where the belts are sized to, in inches) to the second hole. Once that becomes too tight, the belt looks really weird if you continue to wear it… I have the opposite problem: I donated a belt yesterday that was too big. But mine was a cheapo belt from The Men’s Wearhouse.

Oh, and here’s an Aloha Friday picture for today. Paradise Found Aloha shirt and J Crew Corduroy pants. And sitting in the comfy chair at work…



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