Why I Thrift #3

Indeed, I think this is why we all thrift. There always seems to be something around the next corner (at the next thrift store at least) that completely blows your mind!

I walked into one of my favorite Savers locations yesterday after work. I came out with two pairs of dress shoes that are rather expensive and nice, and a pair of Merrell Trail Gloves (I’ve already found a potential buyer for these). But the real gems were in the coat/suit section…

Yes, I’ve finally found some Harris Tweed that fits me! The sleeves are a touch long, but at $8 each, I’m not complaining. One coat needs to be relined, but I think that will totally be worth it if I decide to keep it. And I think I might, as I think I actually look good in brown tweed…

I found two Harris Tweed coats from the same local tailor (clearly the same owner, and the same vintage). The biggest plus is the Harris Tweed label itself. It dates to shortly after World War II (1949, according the “Union Made” label)!! This is grail-level thrifting stuff in my view. At least for stuff I’d actually wear. Now I can look forward to the local tweed ride!

If you’re interested in learning how to date Harris Tweed labels, click here


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