Happy New Year!

Let’s hope that 2013 treats us all better than 2012 did! Every year should be better than the last according to my philosophy.

I hit up my favorite Goodwill store yesterday after work and came out with some interesting stuff. I picked up three dressy shirts (probably technically sport shirts, but whatever, this is the casual side of the country). One was by Arnold Zimberg of Hollywood, and the others were by Brooks Brothers. One of the BB shirts is from their luxury line that’s made in America. You really have to love finding ~$350 worth of shirts for less than $20! They are all in “like new” condition. I might try to sell the higher end BB shirt, or I might aim for a loftier thrifting goal for myself. Call it a New Years Resolution of thrifting… What if my wardrobe consisted of clothing made in First World countries? Made in America alone would be too boring, since there’s so much good stuff coming out of Italy, France and Britain. A thought. Perhaps aiming for more quality and less crap stuff is a goal that we should all aim for in everyday life.

Thrift Locally, Think Globally…

My high school chemistry teacher had a bumper sticker tacked to the wall that read “Act Locally, Think Globally”. The thrift ethic is a logical extension of the environmental movement, and I wish more people would at least consider the options before shelling out the big bucks for designer labels at Neiman Marcus. There’s simply no shortage of stylish clothing at thrift stores, especially if you don’t need to be wearing the current season’s offerings from the big brands!

Which brings me to my thrift fit for today. I’m wearing a Lucky Brand plaid short sleeve shirt, Worn Brand jeans (the belt is REI and I’ve had it for well over a decade), and Rockport slip-on shoes. Everything except the belt was thrifted. The belt was a clearance rack item many moons ago.

Other Finds…

Other than the aforementioned shirts, I also picked up two pairs of Santorelli dress slacks (going up on Ebay soon), a Mountain Hardwear fleece skull cap and an LL Bean Bean’s Sherpa-Lined Jacket. The pants retail at roughly $200 each, but will likely only bring $30 or so each even in their great condition. The jacket might be a keeper. It actually prompted me to list the Kinloch Anderson cashmere coat that I really like on Ebay. The Bean jacket is more my style for outerwear…




Screen Shot 2013-01-02 at 11.12.17 PM





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