Keeping Up With The Latest Trends

On this fine rainy Saturday, I ran some errands and hit a few thrift shops in between. And as usual, I noticed things along the way.

My first observation is this: what’s up with this trend of people wearing their hats with the labels still attached? This has to be the goofiest thing since saggy pants (that trend seems to be over, thank God!).

My second observation is that people don’t seem to like to exercise in the rain. I went for a run on a popular bike path this afternoon. The place was deserted. For a few sprinkles? What we Californians refer to as rain? There aren’t many finer things in life than running in the rain in my estimation.

As for thrift finds today, a couple of decent scores, but some of the local shops seem to be onto identifying the better brands of men’s clothing. At the first shop I went to (a Salvation Army store), I found a nice J. Press Cotton Seersucker Sport Coat (Retail of $495, destined for Ebay) and a Walt Disney World Aloha Shirt (retail around $50, destined for Ebay). At the second store (Savers), I picked up: a pair of Brooks Brothers dress slacks (retail of $168+, and I’m keeping these since they fit perfectly!), A Hickey Freeman Windowpane Plaid dress shirt ($145+ retail, may go to Ebay or I might keep it -haven’t decided yet).

And lest I forget, here’s my Aloha Friday thrift fit for December 21, 2012… Reyn Spooner Mele Kalikimaka 2001 shirt ($20 via Ebay), Kuhl Pants ($5 at Savers), Chaco Sandals ($20 on the clearance rack)


Here are some images of the finds:





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