Thrift Styles #2

The second in the series already! Apparently, I own a lot of thrifted clothes. I’ll just be posting these when the mood strikes. There will be no rhyme or reason to these little glimpses of my madness!

Speaking of madness, my favorite song of the moment is Madness, by Muse. Check out the music video at this link: Anyways, onto the point of the post…

Today was apparently “dress like a TV dad”, and today’s unintended pick happened to be Mike from ‘The Middle’. Plaid shirt and jeans… Sort of a classic look, I suppose.

The shirt I wore today is a short-sleeve Pendleton wool shirt that I picked up a while back for $3. When I was in high school, I wanted a Pendleton wool shirt worse than anything, but I had to settle for High Sierra shirts from Mervyn’s, which were nowhere near as nice. Now that I own the Pendleton, I see what I was missing! These things are brilliant… I need to find some long-sleeve ones that aren’t moth-eaten (yes, I’ve found those, including one shirt from the 1970s (the collar gives it away) that would have been incredible to wear). I will find one, dang it!

The pants are Nat Nast jeans that I picked up a few months ago. They were my favorite pants until I found the Wörn Pants, but they are still really nice. I love the color and the texture of them. And they look better with darker shirts than the Wörns do.

The belt is an REI friction web belt that I’ve had for 15+ years (purchased from the clearance rack at the local store). And the shoes are Vibram Fivefingers that I bought from the clearance rack at the other local REI store last year. I don’t think the shoes quite match the lumberjack look, but I don’t have any hiking boots (only mountaineering boots, and those aren’t getting worn to work!)… C’mon thrift gods, hook me up!



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