Thrifty Styles #1

Thrift Styles is intended as a new series, showing off clothing that I’ve purchased at thrift shops, or at least mostly from thrift shops. This should compliment the aloha Friday posts, since almost all of the clothing I own came from thrifts, or at least clearance racks!

The first in the series, is from December 10, 2012. Here are the details:

  • Quicksilver Short-sleeve button plaid ($3.99 -Goodwill)
  • Wörn Denim “Edge” Pants (12.99 -Savers) -Quite possibly the best pants I’ve ever owned!
  • Børn Hemlock Boots ($20 at an REI “Scratch and Dent Sale”)

Call this my “dressed-up surfer look”, I suppose. Super-comfortable anyway. It’s nice sometimes to work in a fairly casual work environment!

Dressed-Up Surfer


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