Back In The Game

I’m back after an all-too-long absence. Between finishing up my Bachelor’s Degree, looking for work and training, I haven’t had a ton of time to thrift. But all the added stress is beginning to fade. I’m working full time, but still looking for more lucrative work; and doing some side work in design.

I’ve been hitting up the thrift shops lately, and have been having some decent luck. I’ll list some of the highlights below:

  • Brooks Brothers Suiting Essential Suit (Jacket and Pants): Paid $30 (Retail $650)
  • Em’s of Mason’s Pants (two pairs): Paid $15 each (retail $225+ each)
  • J Crew Corduroy and Chino Pants: Paid $4 each (Retail $75 each)
  • Faconnable Sport Shirts (2): Paid $12 total (Retail $130-190 each)
  • Pendleton Short-sleeve Shirt (non-wool): Paid $5 (Retail $50+)

These are just a few of the recent highlights. I’ll start posting more and adding pics as I go. Happy thrifting y’all!

Funny and true story… I went to a job interview wearing the pants from the suit and one of the Faconnable shirts. I was dressed better than anyone in the office. I didn’t get the job, but that wasn’t the fault of how I was dressed – someone else talked a better game in their interview than I did.


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