Not Bad…

Man, I’ve been having some killer luck lately…

I was out of state visiting my parents for a few days earlier this week. I hit up a couple of Deseret Industries stores while I was in southern Utah and Nevada. I managed some souvenir shopping there, picking up a t-shirt and a coffee mug from the local state university. In Las Vegas, I picked up a messenger bag (it even came with a card identifying the bearer as a certified Mormon missionary). At a Goodwill store in Vegas I picked up two Dr Suess ties that are now up on Ebay.

Today, I hit a couple of my local favorites… I came up with a few nice things!

First up is a Barba Napoli shirt (darker blue in the picture). I think it might be one of their crazy expensive shirts. Some of them retail for $450! I picked this shirt up for $1.40! Second is an Ex Officio shirt (I think it’s one of their Air Strip shirts, which retail for $85) that has been barely worn if at all. Next up is a pair of REI sahara cargo shorts ($5, retail of $45). Then a pair of Zoic Marquis mountain bike shorts ($5, retail of $65), a New Era 39thirty San Jose Sharks hat (my size, too! $4, retail of $22) and a Goorin Brothers flatcap ($4, retail of $32).

The Goorin hat will likely be either gifted or resold. I don’t think I can get enough for it to justify selling. My dad might like it… If it was my size, I’d keep it! I passed up a few Kangol caps that I just didn’t like. If they had been higher-end ones, they would have made for nice Ebay sales.



2 thoughts on “Not Bad…

  1. I’ve read through all you posts and I am amazed by your knowledge of so many brand names I’ve never heard. Sure I know Prada, Burberrys, Brooks Brothers and Ralph Lauren; but Aquascutum, Luciano Barbera and Barba Napoli? Where do you do most of your reasearch to get this info? Thanks Cara

  2. If I find something on the rack at the thrift shop that feels and looks like good quality, I google the brand name. I’ve also been researching by following the finds on a thread in the forums about thrifting. This has helped tremendously (that was how I found out about Aquascutum).

    Some of the other brands I find are ones I know from being active in sports and the outdoors world. Brands like Prana, Patagonia, Ex Officio, Mountain Hardwear, etc…

    Mostly I just go for quality! It’s pretty obvious sometimes! Like the Barba Napoli shirt having sewn gussets with the company logo at the bottom of the seams on both sides.

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