High Art

Sometimes you find really cool fragile things, usually they are in bad shape sitting on the shelf with an overly optimistic price tag. You look at those, and go “Dang that would be cool if it was in better shape”. Or, “Dang, I could sell that for a few bucks on Ebay”.

At Savers today, I found two Goebel Artis Orbis vases: one featured the artwork of Paul Cezanne (Still Life With Fruit And Flowers), and the other the work of Jan Vermeer (Girl With The Pearl Earring). I figure these are perfect for the use I had in mind. The timing was perfect to become part of an anniversary present.

To the fragile part… I went to to Costco on my way home and sort of forgot about the vases. When I got home, I took the Savers bag out of my car and set it on the ground. I heard that all too familiar sound of clanking glass. Of course, I managed to put a rather long hairline crack in the Cezanne vase (the more valuable of the two, of course! More valuable because it’s more fragile!). Water leaks out of it, so I dried it and tried to superglue the inside. Hopefully it will hold! The two vases will be a great delivery method for the two dozen roses I picked up.


Today, I also had my final for my Modern Art class. So it was fairly ironic that I found two pieces celebrating two of the prominent artists of the past 150 years. I also turned in my final project titled Tying Down A Fad: a piece pointing out the collapse of art, American consumerism and the insane price tags on art these days. The wood pedestal and the Beanie Baby were both found at thrift stores.

this is not art


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