Aussie Hat and Kiwi Shirt

Sometimes when you walk through thrift shops, you wonder at the things people donate. I’m glad that they are donating the stuff and not just throwing it away, but still. Perfectly good stuff being donated? Stuff that they probably could have sold on Ebay without much difficulty? Stuff that I’d been pondering buying on Ebay myself? I love it…

I was walking through the long-sleeve knits section when I spotted a heavy black nylon shirt. It looked a little like a rugby shirt. I checked it out. All Black shirt, size Large. Official merchandise of the New Zealand national rugby team! I’d been thinking about getting one – in fact, I almost got when when we were in New Zealand a few years ago. Never did. Now I have an All Blacks shirt that I paid $5 for!

In the hats section, I found a Dorfman Pacific Outback style hat with a chin cord. This will be nice, and will make a fine replacement for my worn out Duluth Trading Company hat. Again, it’s amazing what people donate. Thanks anonymous donors!



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