Patagonia And Buttons

My run of luck finding Patagonia stuff continued today… I checked out Thrift Town in Fremont for their 1/2 off clothing sale. I found a Patagonia Quilt Again Jacket. It’s an awesome fleece/wool/nylon blend. Super stylish too… Retail price is $120, I paid $3. I’ll post a picture when I can. I might have to sell some of the Patagonia fleece I have now that I have 5 mid-weight fleeces! This wool blend one’s not going anywhere… I love it, in fact I’m wearing it as I type this.

Patagonia Quilt Again

I also picked up a shirt with buttons similar to the ones missing on one of my shirts. Hopefully it’s a match or I wasted $2 on that shirt! If they do match, taking the buttons off that shirt will be a heckuva lot cheaper than buying buttons online to better match the missing ones!

UPDATE: the buttons are a perfect match except for having a different company’s name on them. Score! Think anyone will notice? I doubt it…

I’ll post a picture of that when I can as well!


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