A Few Cool Things

Lately I’ve been cruising around on the Style Forums looking at what is considered to be top fashions, and learning a lot about which brands to look for at the thrifts. I’m not one to go gaga over a certain brand, but if I can find the high-end stuff for stupid-cheap prices, I might as well go for the good stuff, eh?

This morning, I went into a local GW store to return a couple of items (one had a hole that I didn’t see, and the other was the wrong size for the person I bought it for). So, I had $16 in store credit… I ended up spending another $12 while I was there and scoring fairly well.

I ended up with three ties, two of which are new with tags showing a retail price of $69.50 (both are Jos A Bank, one with golf theme) and a Brooks Brothers tie that might as well be brand new. The two NWT ties are definitely going on the bay, not sure about the other yet. I’ll have to see how it looks on me.


I picked up two new high-end shirts. The first is a red plaid shirt from everyone’s favorite London clothier, Burberry. It’s an older one, that’s definitely been worn. One seam needs a little reenforcing (that’ll be easy to fix). Do I dare wear a shirt that retailed for over $300? I also found a Luciano Barbera cotton oxford dress shirt, which retails for $350. It’s missing one button, but I think I can rearrange them and find a suitable replacement. The shirts were $5 each!


A bit later (after working on homework for a while!) I stopped at a Savers. I ended up walking out of there with a Canada hockey jersey (not an official one, but still a nice design) and an Aquascutum Blazer in my size for $5. That blazer retails for 400 pounds (~$600). This is one of the brands that I never would have known about if I hadn’t done my research!


I also picked up a Tori Richard Aloha shirt for $4.50, an AS Roma soccer jersey for $4 and a book on Chuck Norris for $2.

tori richard shirt


So, today’s count is $48 total cost, retail price: ~$1500.


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