The Devil Wears Prada

So, I visited one thrift store for the weekend… I ended up with quite a find. Not sure what it might fetch on Ebay; and not sure how to list it (or should I wear them, how often do you really have a chance to rock $500 shoes?).

I wandered around the store a bit. Found a nice pair of Prana capri pants that might work for my wife. I picked up for myself two long sleeve shirts (an REI one and a Tommy Bahama one). And I found a Italia “World Champions” soccer scarf that should fetch $15 or so on Ebay (that’ll pretty much pay for what I bought today!). But it wasn’t until I went by the men’s shoes that I found the score of the day…

I’d missed the men’s shoes on my way into the store. The display of them gets lost in the piles of women’s shoes there. But I noticed a few pairs of dress shoes. So I stopped to check them out. The pair that looked my size didn’t have an really obvious logos on them, so I inspected them more closely. The first mark I noted was a Vibram on the sole. Obviously, these were quality shoes. Then I looked closer at the buckle and spotted the imprint “Prada”. Then I looked inside. After removing the Dr Scholl’s insoles, I saw Prada again on the bottom. The size mark said 8 1/2 (I wear a 9 1/2). I tried them on, and they seem to fit absolutely perfectly. Apparently, they are a UK 8 1/2… Outstanding!

They are a bit scuffed up, but I think a little polish will go a long way to making them look nice. The stitching is in good shape, as is most of the leather. $4.50 for a $500+ pair of shoes was just too good to pass up.

And they look just like these ones that are on Ebay right now, and almost as good of condition…


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