Shopping For Myself

I’ve been reading online to become informed on the brands to look for in the departments that I’m not familiar with when it comes to clothing. And I’ve begun to look at things for myself that I wouldn’t have even glanced at before. A quick run through the dress shirts at a local Savers revealed some familiar and unfamiliar names. I went home with a Gant Shirtmakers Country Check shirt (apparently, $135 at retail price) for $4.20 (30% off coupon!). It’s in pristine condition and is super-comfortable. I’ll have to see how it looks under that suit I found on Monday! There were quite a few Brooks Brothers shirts, which are nice; but none today were in my size.

On the sweater aisle, I picked out an Eddie Bauer wool sweater for myself at $5 (half-price on the blue tags!); and a made-in-Ireland shetland wool vest. That one has a small hole in it (pencil eraser size), but I’ll just sew that shut.

On the shirts aisle, I picked up an Ex-Officio shirt like this one for $4.20 (30% off!) which will be outstanding for when we are traveling through the southern California and Arizona desert in June! Those retail for $90, and may be useful for many other of the ventures we do in the desert… I also picked up a black long-sleeve English Laundry shirt ($3.60) that I think might look good with the medium gray Utilikilt Mocker I just bought on Ebay; and a dark green Guinness t-shirt ($1.40) just in time to wear for Saint Patricks Day!

I also picked up two pairs of Sportif USA pants for my wife. She might not like the purple pair, but the green ones should work. At $2.80 each, it was worth a shot… I find it much harder to shop the women’s section, probably because there are a lot more brands that have similar fabrics and styles to what I look for from Patagonia and Mountain Hardwear.

Oh, and I picked up some pants hangers (the kind that are basically a wooden clamp) super cheap… They are higher quality than the ones I bought last week at Target…

And there are also the two hats I picked up for $4 each… The houndstooth tweed one is from Mallory By Stetson and since it is a nice lightweight ivy cap, it will be nice for warmer weather wear (like today, if I’d had it dry cleaned already). The other cap is from Bourse-Cellini, and is at least 30 years old. It’s up on Ebay with a BIN price of $30. We’ll see how it does…



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