The Best $30 Purchase?

So, I visited my local Savers yesterday and picked up this mint-condition Lauren Ralph Lauren trench coat in worsted wool, faux fur and shearling for $30 (marked $39.99, but I had a 30% off deal because my punch card was full!). I have no idea (I’ve been searching the internet all evening) when it’s from or what it might be worth. Any ideas? I found some similar ones from Ralph Lauren’s upper lines going for well over $1500, but they had leather outer shells. I assume that would make them more expensive…

Let me know if you know what this trench coat is all about! And if you think I’ve over-priced it, tell me why…

In the same visit, I found a Patagonia fleece jacket just like the one I bought at the Patagonia Outlet clearance sale a few weeks ago. Except that this one is a large (fits just like my new medium!) and is made in the USA instead of Columbia! I don’t know when they stopped making their fleece in the US, but it’s been a few years. The other clue is the purple nylon trim inside the jacket. I recall them having that when I worked at REI back in the mid 90s, but my 2001 model fleece doesn’t have it! But for $6, it will make a nice jacket for roughhousing outside…

It was a fleece day. I also found a vintage Sierra Designs fleece jacket in my size. It was only $5 (apparently, Savers doesn’t know that Sierra Designs was almost as good as Patagonia!). This one is a 3/4 zip with an extended “poweder skirt” (that will make sense to the outdoorsy people out there). I’m debating posting this one up on Ebay, as it is in better condition than the Patagonia jacket. It would likely fetch at least $30. We’ll see how the Ralph Lauren coat does in the next few days.


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