Aloha Friday #1

This is the beginning of a trend, methinks… I started copying a friend of mine with his “aloha Friday” thing. He doesn’t always wear the aloha shirt, but I’ll try. At least while I’m in school and not working full-time.

Today, I’m wearing a Reyn Spooner aloha shirt that I picked up a few weeks ago at Salvation Army for $3. It’s in pretty darn good condition and looks cool with black shorts and slippahs (thongs, sandals, flip-flops, jandals, or whatever you choose to call them). Speaking of black shorts, the ones I’m wearing are a pair of REI ones that I picked up for $4 at one of the local thrift stores. In fact, everything I’m wearing cost a total of $27 (yes, I like nice sandals off the clearance rack).

Anyway, to the real reason I’m writing today… I went up to Fremont to check out Thrift Town since they are having a 30% off sale on all clothing today. I got a few cool things…

First up is a silk neck tie from the Beatles collection. It’s called “She Loves You”. There are a few like it on Ebay right now. Perhaps it will go up and undercut their BIN prices by a little bit… It should be worth $20 or so pending a detailed inspection. Cost was $2.

Next up is a pair of Salomon brand shorts. They seem to retail for $90 or so, and are perfect for the outdoors pursuits… They are a stretch soft shell material that is very durable. They are a lot like my old Mountain Hardwear shorts that I’ve been putting off repairing (the velcro on the fly is beginning to separate from the material).

And last but certainly not least is another of the things I look for in thrifts. A lightweight merino wool layering piece. I didn’t recognize the brand, so I googled it. As it turns out, Tiger of Sweden is a fairly high-end product. This particular shirt retails for $150. That sort of makes the Patagonia stuff look cheap! It is in excellent condition and will make a nice addition to my wardrobe since I’ve lost enough weight to get cold much more easily, though that isn’t stopping me from dressing like I’m on a Hawaiian vacation here in Northern California in early March (it’s 62 degrees out right now, which I think is the ideal weather). Here’s the Tiger of Sweden Wool Shirt looks like…

All in all, it was a worthwhile trip, even if I didn’t find another Dale Of Norway sweater there. That one is doing pretty well on Ebay: $35 with 3 bids, 13 watchers and 18 hours to go…

Also, an interesting new blog I discovered has a great article (almost a manifesto) on quality versus disposability:

Archival Clothing Resolutions 2011


One thought on “Aloha Friday #1

  1. I should add…

    I stopped at Goodwill a bit later, and scored a brand new San Jose Earthquakes polo shirt. One more way to show my pride in my favorite sports team! It’s also the second Quakes item I’ve found in a thrift store lately (the other was a Chris Wondowlowski shirt).

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