Thank You Ebay

I just love it when Ebay has their free listing sales… I just posted another 8 things up for sale. Some of these I’m sure will bring in some decent money. I’m looking to get another kilt, so that will be good. What kind of kilt I can get depends partially on how much stuff I can flip. I’m hoping for a Utilikilt… đŸ˜‰

Some of the stuff I’m selling is stuff that I’ve had laying around the house for years. It’s time to declutter, and what better way than to sell? The stuff that’s not salable goes to the charity thrift shops, of course! I have to thank them for all the clothing I’ve gotten there for dirt cheap.

Speaking of dirt cheap… I just hand-washed a load of wool: the Scotch House kilted skirt went up on Ebay; but the Polo Ralph Lauren wool vest and the Country Gentleman flat cap are being added to my collection. I love the wool stuff…

Back to working on my bike and watching hockey on TV….


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