Remember the Lucky Dungarees I found last week that turned out to have a hole in the seat? I found another pair just like it today in my size. This pair seems to be unworn… Looks good to me. The jury is still out on whether the super-expensive jeans are worth the extra money; but if I can find them for [in this case] $4 at thrift shops, why would I spend $100 or more on them?

In other news, I’ve started listing things on Ebay. I’m focusing on stuff that will be easy to ship. Right now, I’ve got a Horny Toad wool sweater up along with several silk ties (Brooks Brothers, Versace, etc…) up. So far, the Versace tie is showing the most interest. Which is cool because I paid $2 for it… I’ve got two watchers after only a day. It’s starting bid is $10 and has a BIN price much higher…

So yeah, that’s my update for this Friday. I love the 50% off sales at the one semi-local shop on Fridays…


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