Lesson Heeded and Interesting Finds

After going for a run up in the hills on this lovely Wednesday, I swung by the local Goodwill store to see what was around…

The other day, I was having a discussion on Facebook about whether $100+ jeans were worth the money. Since I regularly check the thrift stores, I figured I’d add high-zoot jeans to my list of things to look for. Today was only the second time I’ve actually looked for high-end jeans in the thrift stores: last week’s find of the Lucky Brand jeans was a bit of a fluke as I wasn’t really looking for them.

Anyway, I went into the store not really expecting to find anything really good. But I’ve decided that jeans are good pants as long as they fit well, aren’t too tight, and aren’t too thick. I think the reason I’ve always hated jeans is the thickness of the material. The Tommy Jeans I found the other day for $6 are proving my point right now. I actually like them…

I grabbed a few pairs of pants that looked promising. One must have been mislabeled because they were way too tight and way too long (I think they were made for a 6’7″ stick figure!). Another was close, but when I tried on the last one; I knew I’d found my pants. The label was ‘Earnest Sewn’ and they had a look and feel that screams “High end jeans here!” I pulled out my smartphone and was shocked to see that the retail price on these jeans was $195! I checked them thoroughly for excess wear: I don’t think these have been worn much. I happily added them to my list of things to buy, and for only $7. They fit perfectly…

Here’s a link to the manufacturer’s page on the pants. They are quite nice, but I’d still never pay even half-price for them!


Otherwise, I had a pretty good haul. I also snagged a straw hat from the 1992 US Open Golf Tournament in very good condition; a Versace Classic V2 silk tie (that’s going on Ebay for sure!); another silk tie with a baseball theme (NWT, and going up on Ebay as well); and a messenger bag from the AIDS/Lifecycle event. That one’s going up on Craigslist because it is a local event, and I don’t want to deal with shipping larger items.


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