BOMA Sculpture and Lesson Learned…

Today was an interesting adventure at my most local Goodwill Store. I’d gone into downtown to mail an item from the post office and to sit at one of my favorite coffee shops studying for a while. After I finished that, I went to the Goodwill store around the corner from the coffee shop. I found a really cool little sculpture made by BOMA of Vancouver, BC. They appear to be a boutique that specializes in First Nations art, so this was actually a pretty cool find. I’m not exactly sure what the sculpture is made of, but comparably sized sculptures go for $50+ on the online store. I picked it up for 99 cents. It will make a great gift.

Any help identifying the piece would be greatly appreciated! It measure approximately 2.75″ tall x 2.75″ long by 1.25″ wide.

BOMA goose sculpture
BOMA goose sculpture

And the lesson learned… Don’t get so sidetracked by how nice something feels when you try it on that you forget to check it for defects! I tried on a pair of Lucky Brand jeans that I found in my size. They fit great: just the right combination of worn in and still full of life. Until I got back home and realized that there was a gaping hole on the seam on the lower butt. At first, I thought the might be worth patching, but then I noticed that the other side of the seam is close to becoming a hole as well. At least I can return them for store credit! I’ll wait a week to let the stock cycle through a bit.


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