My Style

If I had to name three brands that have defined “my style” for my adult life (and even in high school); I’d say REI, Grammicci and Teva. In an earlier post, I mentioned finding an essentially new pair of my favorite pair of Teva sandals ever, the original Terradactyl. Well, I’ve also had good luck with my other two favorite brands as well. Just today, I stopped by one of my favorite shops, stumbling into one of their half-price sales…

I found a nice button-up REI shirt, that will go nicely with the nice REI shorts that I found (I’m down to a 32″ size in those! This is the third pair of that style of REI pants/shorts that I have found in the last month in my sizes (they make that model (still do!) in shorts and pants, and I think a convertible version as well). No sense paying retail or even sale prices… They’re all over the thrift stores around here!

Also, I scored a pair of like-new old-school Grammicci pants in black. I loved that style when they still made them; and now I have another pair.

In lesser news, I found a nice Scottish lambswool sweater (Pringle of Scotland) at Savers today and passed on it because it was too big (size XL). Too bad I did… I looked up the brand online, and their sweaters sell for almost $300!


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