Tell Me All Your Thoughts On Thrifting

Has the negativity towards shopping at thrift stores gone away at all given the recent economic “downturn”? Have people changed their shopping habits?

Like I said in my first post, I grew up shopping at Thrift Village and Goodwill. It just seems natural, as natural as shopping at Safeway or Lucky Supermarkets. There was always a negativity thrown at the people who shopped there, especially when I was in junior high and high school. I’m not sure why…

Since then, there has been a huge new marketplace for secondhand clothing in online shops like Ebay and Etsy. Is it less weird to buy used clothing from people you don’t know online than it is to by used clothing from a local store that uses the proceeds from the sales for some sort of charitable good? Thrift stores don’t exist merely to provide cheap clothing and entertainment to poor people: they also provide services for poor and working class people: job training, food kitchens, drug rehab, etc. Shopping in these places just plain makes sense.

For those who are environmentally conscious as well as economically conscious, thrifting makes sense because it is a form of recycling. You’ll become one less person buying brand new clothing fresh off the boat from China and other far-off manufacturing centers. If you think thrift stores are full of junk, that’s your right. But you’d be hard-pressed to tell which of my clothes came from thrift shops!


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