Interesting Finds Today

I stopped by two of my favorite thrift shops today: one because I had a coupon for $5 off a $15 purchase, and the other because it’s where I found the bike stuff; and haven’t been back since then. I ended up finding some pretty cool things at both places.

At the first place, I tried on a bunch of stuff, but only came out with two pairs of pants, two shirts, a pair of shorts, and what almost turned out to be a kilt. That was actually a ladies’ kilted skirt, which is up on Craigslist now. If I don’t get any nibbles on it, I may return it or keep trying. It wasn’t all that much money as an experiment in selling online. Or I could use the fabric for something. It’s a rather nice tartan set!

The two pairs of pants were both rather nice. After today, I don’t think I need to shop for pants again for a while! Pair #1 was a pair of premium Dockers chino pants in brilliant condition for $3. The other pair was a pair of Propper BDU pants. These are apparently military spec, and these things aren’t cheap. I’d been thinking about a military-themed costume for an upcoming event. So this worked well for $4, and they fit me incredibly well!

The first shirt that I got was a carbon copy of the shirt that I wore today, in a slightly different color. I love my Quicksilver button-up shirts! The other shirt was a technical t-shirt by Pearl Izumi. And the shorts are a pair of Asics running shorts. As much as I run, another pair for $2 was a no-brainer…

On to the second store after a quick stop for some coffee. I walked out with a pair of pants and a button-up shirt. The pants were the same brand and model of pants as the shorts I was wearing walking into the store. And they were exactly my size and seemingly unworn. They were REI Sahara Pants. Nice pants, designed for hot weather wear. And I got an ExOfficio button up shirt that is designed for hot weather conditions as well. And I also snagged a copy of Ron Kauk’s book on rock climbing Spirit Of The Rock.


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