My Sentimental Favorite

On Tuesday, I took a trip downtown on my bike to go for a swim and hang out with one of my best friends at the local brewpub. On the way down there, I detoured to my favorite local Savers store.

There was nothing in the way of clothing that I found interesting (the Martin Luther King Day sale seems to have cleared out the good stuff and left the crap). But when I went through the shoe section, I scored my favorite sentimental find…

Sitting on the shelf was a pair of Teva sandals that looked a little dirty at first. But then I looked closer: the straps had some dirt in the velcro and they were a little dusty. But the bottom of the sole was completely clean, and looked pretty much unworn. And they were my size!

My guess is that someone bought them before a trip to Hawaii (or some place else warm and sandy) and then never wore them again when they got home. Works for me… It just keeps getting better.

Looking at the sole, I realized that these were the original Terradactyl sandals (not the second version which were nowhere near as good). The Terradactyls were my all-time favorite pair of Tevas. They haven’t been made for years… I bought a pair back in 1996, and wore them for a couple of years (and I do mean continuously!) before they totally fell apart. I’ve stuck with Teva over the years, but nothing has matched those original Terradactyls that I bought during my last year in college.

So now I’ve got another pair of my favorite sandals ever, and I only paid $4.99 for them…

teva terradactyl sandals


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