My General Rules (For Buying Used Clothing)

Yes, I have rules for buying used clothing… Here they are for your entertainment and education.

  1. Buy stuff that is as little-used as possible. I want clothing that isn’t already on it’s last legs.
  2. No paint stains or tears. If you can’t wear it without a sweater over it, it’s worthless.
  3. Make sure it fits before you leave the store. If it’s mislabeled, you want to know!
  4. Make sure you can live with the washing instructions. I like silk shirts, but I don’t like seeing “Dry Clean Only” on the label.
  5. Don’t limit the brands you’ll go with. I’ve found lots of labels I’ve never heard of that are the most comfortable things I’ve ever worn.
  6. Be adventurous. For a few bucks, you can try new looks that perhaps you wouldn’t normally wear.
  7. Never, ever, ever buy a new necktie. Trust me on this one…
  8. Wash it before you wear it. Some of the stores seem to use really harsh detergents to wash the clothing, or they don’t wash it at all.
  9. Watch for sales. Some shops rotate through tag colors that are on sale, or they have sales on major holidays. It’s worthwhile. Getting stuff at half off the thrifty prices is even better!

There are definitely particular labels I look for. I like certain brands and styles. I don’t go for Ecko jeans, but I’ll jump on the Prana and Patagonia clothing I find. On the other hand, I certainly wouldn’t own a silk Hugo Boss tie if I hadn’t found it for 99 cents…


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