Cycling Stuff

Last week’s visit to one of the local Savers stores was perhaps the single best time I’ve had shopping at a thrift shop. I was cruising through the button-up shirts when I happened to glance up towards the next row. I spotted a Hammer Nutrition cycling jersey on the rack with the athletic wear. My heart skipped a beat, I think. I went over to that section and found a bonanza of cycling gear.

I skipped the Hammer shorts since they were red, and well red bike shorts show off EVERY bulge. Same with the green Credit Agricole team bib shorts. I tried a bunch of stuff on, and came away with six items. The winner on the day were the three pairs of bib shorts that I took for $7.99 each. They were team-issue shorts from the Bissell Pro Cycling Team, and all were my size. This was absolutely perfect, because I needed new shorts. These were unworn as far as I can tell.

A close second on the usefulness scale was a windvest from a local amateur cycling team. I may not be a part of the team, but I will wear there kit from a few years ago if it means staying warm on cooler days. The other two items I took home were two Hammer Nutrition jerseys: one sleeveless and one long-sleeve. Both will come in handy! I even sometimes use Hammer products, so I won’t feel like a total poser wearing them…

I also picked up an unused REI technical t-shirt, but that seems like small beans compared to the other stuff!

cycling stuff


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